Certified RETScreen® Expert (CRE) – International


This course is developed by the Canadian Institute for Energy TraCIETining (CIET). It is the only training that provides certification on the RETScreen®  Expert software. ETA-mct in collaboration with CIET with the support of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) provides this training internationally.

Participants will develop their skills in the analysis of all types of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. Further, they will develop a sound understanding of the new analysis functions provided by the software, such as the Virtual Energy Analyzer, the Portfolio Analysis and the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) module and RETScreen Connect as well as the monitoring of energy performance data. For more details on the training and certification click here (CRE).

Track Record


A 5-day Certified RETScreen® Expert (CRE) training was delivered by Eta-mct in collaboration with Canadian Institute for Energy Training (CIET),  with the support from RETScreen International, a division of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) which is in turn a department of the Government of Canada. This course took place in Cairo, Egypt in partnership with the Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE), on February 2nd to the 6th of 2020.


What did the participants say about the training?

  • RETScreen simplifies per-feasibility studies & saves a lot of time, the training was excellent.
  • The course helped us acquire a clear vision about feasibility studies related energy projects.
  • The software and course enhanced the quality of creating baseline for tracking my project performance and energy efficiency, great Course.
  • It is well adapted and useful for energy auditing reports and M&V assignment; I will use it during my work.
  • RETScreen is a valuable tool for feasibility studies for RE projects, it improves feasibility study time.
  • CRE program is really an added value to best learn how to use this tool, it is a very good training